The wheels of history not only carry years of vicissitudes, but also show us the splendid past. To arouse great efforts to make the country prosperous, maintain the tradition of hard struggle, explore the creativity and blaze new trails and forge ahead, School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation is using her solid tracks as the evidence of her vitality: growing in the pursuing and exploring, innovating in the development, singing out on this promising land of Northeastern University (NEU) with her unique diligence, tenacity and persistence.
The establishment of Northeastern University as well as the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1923 made the people struggling in poverty and humiliation at that time see the ray of the dawn of establishing the nation with industry. In 1925, the Department of Mechanical Engineering officially recruited undergraduates. In July 1993, School of Mechanical Engineering was established. In October 1997, its name was changed into School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation. Now, the discipline of mechanical engineering has gone through 90 years of ups and downs.
Through trials and hardships along the way, after the earthshaking changes, people of several generations in the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation have brought up more than twenty thousand outstanding graduates in many fields for the country and for the society: they are the creators of the history, people with lofty ideals in the Anti-Japanese War, and the well-known scholars contributing to national science and technology. There are also national, provincial and municipal leaders, willing to be the servants in order to devote themselves to the people selflessly. Some are active business elites on the socio-economic stage, and so on. These outstanding talents have made tremendous contributions for new China’s independence, national revitalization, and more for today’s harmony and development of society.
The present is the key period to the new development of the school, and also an important period to the school’s great-leap-forward development. We will seize the opportunity, adhere to the teaching concept of “prioritizing key points, developing in all-round fields, cultivating talents, emphasizing on characteristics”. We will continue to keep the innovative and pioneering spirit, strive to create a new situation of our school, and make all efforts to build a higher-level school with unique characteristics.