School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation was founded in 1993, which was developed on the base of the original Department of Mechanical Engineering of NEU. At present, there are 2 first-level disciplines,Mechanical Engineering and Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, with postdoctoral mobile research stations and 7 second-level disciplines, among which Mechanical Design and Theory is National Key Discipline. And there are 4 undergraduate disciplines.
In the school, there are 14 grass-roots academic organizations, including national basic-course teaching Base, B-class Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education, 3 key laboratories of Liaoning Province, 5 Liaoning provincial engineering technology Centers and 2 national technical sub-centers.
The school now has 208 faculty members, including 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences , 1 member of Discipline Counseling Team of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee, 1 Special Professor of Cheung Kong Scholars, 3 members of National Board for Professional Teaching Steering Committee, 7 ‘New Century Talent’ of the Ministry of Education, 21 doctoral supervisors,31professors and 3353 students at school.
In recent years, the school has achieved abundant accomplishments and completed many scientific researches, technological breakthroughs and engineering projects, having won a number of national, provincial and ministerial prizes. The research achievements have reached the advanced international standard in the fields of Using and Control of Vibration Engineering, Modern Design Theory and Methods, Mechanical Dynamic Design, Mechanical Reliability Design, Mechanical Structure Fatigue Strength and Life Prediction, and Intelligent Machines and the Control of Them, Ultra-High-Speed Grinding Technology, Parallel Robot and Parallel Machine Tools, Digital Design and Manufacture, Functional Film Material and Molecular Gas Dynamics, Vehicle CAN Bus Control Technology and Hydraulic and Pneumatic Technology.
The school has already established the relationship of communication in terms of academy, scientific research and talents training with more than 20 universities and research institutions of Britain,America, Germany,Japan,etc.
The student affairs of our school is based on the educational idea of “Student-Oriented, Service First”, it takes patriotism education as the core, science and technology innovation as the goal, and employment education as the guidance. Through a variety of practical activities, we educate and guide our students’ world, life and moral values to cultivate versatile talents with strong personality, competitiveness and votive forces.
The school will follow the university’s general development plan, and take advantage of mechanical engineering, power engineering and engineering thermophysics, promoting our academic standards and improving the education quality to cultivate excellent talents. In addition, we will communicate with large-scale enterprises frequently to extend our ways of employment and teaching. We are all striving to make our school a domestic first-class institute and world-influenced modern school.