Achievements in Teaching

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Our school is continuously strengthening the ability of teaching and scientific research. With the ‘Tenth Five-Year Plan’, ‘Eleventh Five-Year Plan’, ‘211 Project’ and ‘985 Project’ as the support platform, our school has devoted greater efforts to build a quality project, and constantly improve the teaching quality. Since the school was established, we have won two prizes of National Teaching Achievement, 1 Quality Teaching Material of Higher Education, 9 projects of National "Eleventh Five-Year" Teaching Material Plan and 2 national quality courses, in 2013 we passed the mechanical engineering and automation professional international professional engineering certification.

National Quality Courses

Year of Prize Name of Course Grade of the Prize Principal
2007 Mechanical Design National Yunpeng Gong
2005 Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphing National Xin Mao
Partial Teaching Award

Year Name of Prize Name of Achievement Grade of the Prize Principal
2005 The fifth national teaching achievement of higher education Research and Practice of Cultivating Pattern and Course Content System Reform of Mechanical Engineering and Automation First National Prize Yadong Gong
2005 Research on Three-dimensional and Bilingual Teaching of Physics and Mechanics Course Groups Second National Prize Liyang Xie