The Brief Introduction of “Air Power Equipment Vibration an

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"Air power equipment vibration and control" National Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education, relying on three key disciplines in NEU one of which is mechanical design and theory , set the following four dominant directions:
Direction 1: Aviation Structural Dynamics Armament Systems Vibration and Control
Direction 2: Air power equipment integrated multidisciplinary design optimization
Direction 3: Air power equipment design evaluation of fatigue and reliability
Direction 4: Air power equipment fault diagnosis and health management
The laboratory is a technological innovation team, which is at the core of Academician Bangchun Wen, which focuses on scientific and technological progress and invigorating the equipment manufacturing industry and the revitalization of northeastern old industrial bases in the equipment manufacturing industry and the major goal of the national strategy, builds momentum for aviation equipment design, manufacture and its intelligence, a high level  scientific and technological innovation platform famous for vibration and control research, undertakes major national projects and gets access to original symbolic achievements, trains high-level scientific and technological personnel, provides support for enhancing scientific and technological innovation ability in aerospace power equipment industry, enables enterprises to achieve significant economic benefits and form significant characteristics and advantages. The lab aims at urgent national defense construction, setting the key needs of important technology in aerospace power equipment industry as the direction, to get over  design and manufacturing problems in aerospace power equipment design and production and to ensure product reliability and extend operating life, which directly turns the results of the lab construction and scientific research into economic and social benefits, and plays an important role in comprehensively enhancing technology competitiveness of aerospace power equipment products and revitalization of the defense industry.