‘211 Project’ and ‘985 Project’ Construction

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The key discipline construction project of ‘211 Project’, ‘modern design and manufacturing support system of large sets of machinery and equipment’, and ‘machinery and equipment design and manufacturing technologies in scientific and technological innovation platform’ of ‘985 Project’ are invested 50 million RMB. In the December 2005, ‘211 Project’ discipline construction project passed the inspection of Ministry of Education. The construction of ‘985 Project’ platform, focuses on the national strategy and major objective in revitalizing equipment manufacturing and old industrial bases in Northeast China, integrates the existing resources in mechanical engineering disciplines, combines its present discipline feature with basis, highlights the basic, scientific and innovative natures of the large-scale equipment design and manufacturing technologies and automation, and at the same time synthesizes the large-scale machinery and equipment comprehensive design theory and method, large equipment manufacturing common key technologies, intelligent control of large-scale equipment and other academic fields to construct a comprehensive high-level experimental researching environment.
Through the project construction, the mechanical design and theory, machine building and automation, machinery and electronics engineering disciplines have achieved international level in the main direction, providing support to enhance China's large-scale scientific and technological innovation capacity of equipment manufacturing industry. Aiming at nuclear power, gas turbines and heavy machinery which have special Liaoning Province and Shenyang City local feature and at key common scientific and technological issues of  large-scale equipment design in manufacturing process which need special focus, we developed a number of integrated design and advanced manufacturing theory and technology, achieved a number of original results of independent intellectual property, occupied a large leading area of equipment manufacturing technology, gained the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements continuously, and met the reporting requirements of key state laboratories.
Through the project construction, the equipment level of state key discipline, the mechanical design and theory, has been improved substantially, and the overall power of mechanical design and theory, mechanical manufacturing and automation, machinery and electronics engineering, vehicle engineering, fluid engineering discipline groups has reached a new level. In addition, the basic theory, method and the condition construction of relative advanced technological research and development concerning large-scale equipment design have been strengthened. We are going to build a strong discipline of large-scale dynamics, dynamic strength and reliability of the mechanical design and focus on the construction of various fields including modern mechanical dynamics, dynamic optimization and intelligent, complete life-cycle design and reliability of large-scale sets of equipment, network-based manufacturing systems, large-scale electro-mechanical system condition monitoring, control and sensing technology.
We have constructed a high-level academic echelons ,consisting of capable and wide-field personnel of reasonable quality and age structure, who are familiar with the international forefront. In addition, the school has brought up a batch of well-known international academic leaders with middle and young age.
We have built a major Machinery and Equipment Reliability and Quality Engineering Dynamics Key Laboratory, Liaoning Colleges and Universities Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Technology Laboratory, Liaoning Province Key Laboratory of high-end CNC machine tools, Liaoning Colleges and Universities Digital design and manufacturing engineering technology research center and a number of other laboratories and research centers. Moreover, we have established NEU sub-center of Shenyang Blasting Group State technology center and NEU sub-center of Taizhong Group State technology center.
Through the project construction, the overall academic level of discipline group has been significantly improved. Since 2000, 2048 papers have been issued in the international and domestic high-level academic journals, and the school has undertaken 68 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, ‘973 Projects’, ‘863 Projects’ and the provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects with more than 78,000 RMB research fund, published 126 academic works and teaching materials, gained 26 prizes of national, provincial and ministerial level, applied for 31 various authorized patents, and trained more than 1,500 graduates with master and PhD degrees.